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We cater governments, government agencies, private sector corporations as well as individuals.


Read what our clients say about us. We take appreciations seriously and feedback more seriously.

"An innovative approach and concept is what makes DMS stand apart from so many companies out there. They know what they are doing and they get the job done easily. We consulted them for promotion of our under-developed tourism destinations and they gave us tips and helped us grow things without charging us anything in return. We are glad for their help."

- Tourism Authority of Thailand

"I was scared when I got a deal from WWT at a very reasonable price. After the tour all I can say is they are the best. They took care of me like a family. Safety and Top Class Service in everything they provided me. I am coming back to India again this year to travel with them once more."

- Laura Muehl (USA)

"My family always choose WWT for all their travel needs- be it air tickets, tours or just suggestions on where to go. They are very professional and yet very friendly. They know India in and out. Their suggestions are spot on for anything related to travel and tourism."

- Avnish Yadav (Lucknow, India)

"We are a team of over ten women who go on pilgrimage tours every year. They have been really great in organising our tours and providing us with nice hotels, good transportation services and so on. We feel safe travelling with them."

- Manju Jha (Ranchi, India)

"I am a fan of their tours and service delivery. I have booked tours for myself, my friends and even my family members at different occasions and one thing remains constant- The guaranteed awesome service. Kudos to the team for that."

- Mohit Kumar (Kolkata, India)

"Prompt service and good deals for everyone is their speciality."               

- Navneet Nishant (Delhi, India)

Recognized by Govt. of India and official registered level 1 supplier of United Nations and 20+ UN specialized agencies in the world